COMAGRAV NOTUS CNC Servo Router Machine

NOTUS – multifunctional, dynamic and affordable CNC servo router system

Technical specification

COMAGRAV NOTUS CNC Servo Router Machine is an ideal choice from our offer.

COMAGRAV NOTUS is a professional CNC router for routing and cutting. It brings AC servo technology for maximum reliability and to achieve high cutting speeds. Everyone can choose from a wide range of work tables and spindles with an output of up to 9.6 kW. There are many cutting units to choose from for cutting materials. Machines from the COMAGRAV NOTUS family works in many industries in advertising production, in the production of prototypes, to demanding workshops with mass production.

Workspace from 1000 x 1500 mm to 2040 x 3150 mm.

Z axis movement min. 175 mm, max. 450 mm.

Product information

COMAGRAV NOTUS is multifunctional, milling dynamic and reliable CNC machine.

COMAGRAV NOTUS is characterized by a rigid steel construction, rich equipment, accuracy and affordable price. Comes with a steel base frame and steel portal. All connected surfaces are precisely milled.

COMAGRAV NOTUS is equipped with a 3D control system PILOT A+, with which it achieves high dynamics and high cutting quality.

Camera system is supported by printing RIP software – cropped print ad is met (Onyx, Flexi, Asanti, Colorgate, EFI Fiery, Caldera, Adobe Illustrator, …).

We will prepare configuration of the machine according to the requirements of your production.

The standard is a work table, control panel with a PC, an automatic Z-axis sensor, Cut2DPro routing and engraving software and a 3D control system with PC support. The spindles are optional, as are the scanning, MULTI heads, camera system and other software.

We offer innovative solutions for operations with insufficiently dimensioned input – thanks to the original design, NOTUS allows installation even through narrow doors.

Automatic tool change – for COMAGRAV NOTUS we supply a linear or carousel tool tray for automatic exchange of tools in spindle.

MULTI head

MULTI head is an optional equipment for the installation of two independent modules with a tangential axis. Depending on the production needs, these modules will cut or engrave. Modules for the MULTI head can be purchased later, making it easy to expand the machines functions in the future. All heads work on the entire working width of the machine, so the portal is extended accordingly.

detail modulu

We install on MULTI head for example

Applications and industry

COMAGRAV NOTUS is designed for routing, engraving, cutting and 3D modeling

Technical specification

–    3-axis CNC table
–    strong construction of steel profiles, steel portal
–    accurate ball linear guide in XYZ axes, ball screw in Z axis
–    helical racks with pinion and planetary gearbox in XY axes, double X-axis drive with automatic perpendicularity adjustment
–    powerful Mitsubishi servomotors and high-precise planetary gearboxes
–    high-pressure vacuum table or table with T-slot

Technical specification

Tools for module U1

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Technical specifications


COMAGRAV NOTUS 1015 (type with raised Z axis)1000 x 1500 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 15151550 x 1500 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 15261550 x 2600 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 15301550 x 3150 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 20302040 x 3150 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 20402040 x 4200 mm


Z axis movement175 mm (450 mm NOTUS 1015)
Space under gantry140 mm (300 mm Notus 1015)
Maximal speed500 mm/s - 30 m/min (optionally up to 1100 mm/s - 66 m/min)
Spindle powerup to 9,6 kW
Spindle rotationup to 50.000 RPM
Control systemPILOT A+ 3D controller

Serial equipment

Automatic Z sensor for setting of starting point
Emergency safety STOP buttons
X-axis double drive
Precise T-slot aluminum work table with clamps (T-slot option)
High pressure phenol vacuum table (vacuum option)
Routing and cutting software Vectric
DELL PC with 3 year warranty NBD with control panel
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system

Optional equipment

Spindles with pneumatic clamping for automatic tool change with a linear tray for 8 toolholders
Liquid cooled spindles
Carousel tool tray with tool presence sensor
Spray cooling system (PROFI or standard)
High pressure vacuum table made of aluminum
Dust collector
MULTI heads for cutting
(oscillating knives, direct cutting, engraving, etc.)
Camera system for cutting with registration marks
Vertical table
Rotary adapter

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