3D CNC desktop machine for engraving COMAGRAV MT Profi

COMAGRAV MT Profi is a desktop 3D device for engraving, prototyping and 3D scanning.

Successfully used in many workshops and laboratories.

Technical specification

MT Profi – Desktop 3D milling machine for engraving, prototyping, molds and 3D scanning.

It combines the lightness of aluminum construction with high rigidity in a compact size and is powered by precise professional spindles with an output of up to 2kW.

With COMAGRAV MT Profi you will appreciate the accuracy, quality and exemplary durability

Workspace 320 x 215 mm or 640 x 420 mm.

Z axis movement 95 mm or 220 mm.

Product information

We produce the 3D milling machine for engraving COMAGRAV MT Profi as a complete device, including the spindle and quality software for engraving and milling.

The usable area is larger than the A4 sheet, which predestines MT Profi for the production of company boards and markings.

MT Profi is a very powerful tool for precise 3D machining.

Standard 95 mm stroke (and 180 mm clearance) allows the production of models, an additional 220 mm in the Z axis provides almost unlimited possibilities. Such a stroke and a clearance of up to 300 mm is certainly sufficient for 99% of applications. These dimensions are also suitable for establishing the mold that needs to be marked.

COMAGRAV MT Profi is an engraving milling machine suitable for use e.g.

in signmaking for the production of coins (including steel), engraving and cutting of tables made of brass, aluminum, two-layer engraving plastics, acrylic, plexiglass, for the production of orientation systems, trophies marking, name tags, letter milling, etc. In advertising when describing objects such as lighters, badges, glasses, pens, pencils, mugs and other cylindrical objects;

in industry for the production of front and instrument panels, mechanical components, description of molds, models, printed circuit boards, etc.;

in goldsmithing for the production of small molds, knobs, models and for the cutting of almost any material with a diamond tip (stainless steel, glass).

Applications and industry:

COMAGRAV MT Profi is used for

Technical specification

–    3-axis milling machine for engraving and routing
–    rigid construction of HP profiles, movable table and fixed portal
–    precise ball linear guide in the XYZ axes
–    ball screws in XYZ axes
–    powerful stepper motors or AC servo motors
–    possibility of rotary axis

Technical specification

Technical specifications

Technical parameters

COMAGRAV MT Profi320 x 215 mm
COMAGRAV MT Profi XL640 x 420 mm
Z axis movement95 mm, optionally 220 mm
Space under gantry180 mm, optionally 300 mm
Feed rate0,1 – 50 mm/s
Feed rate0,1 - 200 mm/s servo version
Resolution0,003125 mm
Resolution0,00025 mm servo version
Spindle powerup to 2000 Watts
Control systemPILOT 3D controller
Weight38-70 kg

Serial equipment

Routing and engraving software Vectric
Aluminum clamping table with „T“ slots and 4 practical clamps
Automatic Z sensor for setting of starting point
Emergency safety STOP button

Optional equipment

2.5D and 3D engraving and routing software
Spray cooling system
Vacuum high pressure pump and vacuum table
Dust collector
Mechanical scanning probe
Laser scanning probe
Camera for print marks or XY axis starting point setting
Rotary adapter for cylindrical surfaces and modeling (A axis)
Diamond tool for engraving with suspension

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