Flatbed multifunctional cutting and routing plotter COMAGRAV DIGI

DIGI – Multifunctional powerful cutting and routing plotter for cutting and routing boards and fabrics, packaging production, industry and design.

Technical specification

Media width up to 3.4 meters. Table length up to 5.5 meters.

COMAGRAV DIGI processes the widest range of materials

We bring you an innovative solution for a cutting and milling plotter that can handle all cutting operations. After years of experience in the CNC router market, we present a cutting and milling plotter, which COMAGRAV ranks among its best products.

nový design

Now with easier operation and preset cutting parameters. With automatic loading of files by barcode and QR code.

Industrial flatbed cutting tables for cutting, engraving and routing.

The main cutting equipment is oscillating and fixed knives for plastic, foam and paper materials.

Powerful spindles cleanly mill plexiglass, dibond, aluminum, PVC, ABS, etc. Especially the 60.000 RPM variant exceeds all expectations.

Motorised cutting disc effectively cuts tarpaulins, banners and fibrous materials, both woven and non-woven.

The camera system is standard equipment of the cutting plotter COMAGRAV DIGI.

This necessary tool for cutting printed media is no extra charge. The system finds the print marks and adjusts the cut to the actual print condition. The camera system supports outputs from print RIPs – compatibility is without worries (Onyx, Flexi, Asanti, Colorgate, EFI Fiery, Caldera, Adobe Illustrator,…).

Compare total weight with the competition

Strong steel base frame together with the undeniably sturdy vacuum table is a significant advantage in securing an investment in a quality plotter – here the lifetime is calculated for decades.

You can also add modules later – the plotter will grow together with your business.

Thanks to the interchangeable modules, the possibilities of material processing are almost endless. You can easily process new materials and invent new applications.

Applications and industry

COMAGRAV DIGI is designed for:

and many other industrial applications.

The plotter is well equipped for cutting plastics, banners, corrugated cardboard, PE foils, foam, gaskets, sandwich cartons, modeling boxes and packaging, cutting leather, felt, vinyl, textiles, etc.


Compared to COMAGRAV DIGI, COMAGRAV DIGI RC also has a material unwinder, where it is enough to load a roll of material into the unwinder, the machine unwinds the material itself and the integrated camera system reads the QR code from the material. This, combined with new software and preset libraries means, that the machine will cut file by file without the need for a machine operator, saving time and money while reducing machine maintenance.

Technical specification

Tools for module U1

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Technical specifications

Technical data

Work surface size – active cutting part
COMAGRAV DIGI 1715/ DIGI RC 17151700 x 1500 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 1720/ DIGI RC 17201700 x 2000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 1725/ DIGI RC 17251700 x 2500 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 1730/ DIGI RC 17301700 x 3000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 17551700 x 5500 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 2034/ DIGI RC 20342000 x 3400 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 2534/ DIGI RC 25342500 x 3400 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 3430/ DIGI RC 34303400 x 3000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 3450/ DIGI RC 34503400 x 5000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI custom sizeon request
Maximum height of cut material60 mm
Working feed speed1150 mm/s - 69 m/min
Maximum acceleration3000 mm/s2
Resolution0,00076 mm
Spindle powerup to 2 kW
Control systemPILOT extended 3D control system
Weight from770kg (DIGI 1715)
Weight to2820 kg (DIGI 3450RC)

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