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Large-area cutting system for industrial cutting, powerful milling, advertising production, packaging production, sales support, exhibitions and design.

COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA processes the widest range of materials.

Large-area multifunctional cutting and routing plotter COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA

COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA – Powerful cutting and routing machine with automatic tool change. With unwinder and as a table.

Technical specification

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Find out how COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA will speed up your production.

The main equipment for cutting and routing plotter are oscillating and fixed knives with feed speeds over 1 m/s.

Automatic tool change is standard with COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA.

Powerful spindle with 50.000 RPM perfectly mills PMMA, dibond, aluminium, PVC, ABS, etc.

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Thanks to the interchangeable modules, possibilities of material processing are almost endless.

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You can add modules later, the plotter will grow with your business.

You can easily process new materials and invent new applications.

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With cyclone dust collector on the table, almost no dirt remains from the machined materials. Dust collector now uses an integrated spray cooling system for aluminium and dibond. Therefore, cut is perfect and the life of the cutter is very long.

The transition from routing to cutting is a matter of seconds at COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA, and these operations can be freely combined.

Motorised cutting disc effectively cuts tarpaulins, banners and fibrous materials, both woven and non-woven.

As with the DIGI a camera system is standard equipment of the plotter.

camera system, QR code

Applications and industry

COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA is designed for:

Plotter is well equipped for cutting acrylic, PMMA, aluminium, di-bond, corrugated cardboard, carton, sandwich boards, vinyl, textile, pre-pregs, banners, etc.

COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA RC cutting and routing plotter

In addition, it has a material unwinder, where it is enough to load a roll of material into the unwinder and the integrated camera system reads the QR code from the material. This, combined with new software and preset libraries, means that the machine will cut file by file without need for a machine operator, saving time and money while reducing machine maintenance.

řezací a frézovací plotr COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA

Technical specification

Powerful AC servomotors and helical gearing in high accuracy are a matter of course. The drives use planetary gearboxes, which brings high cutting accuracy and speeds over 1 m/s.

Rigid steel frame together with robust vacuum table ensures investment in this high-quality cutting and routing table, where lifetime is calculated for decades.

Technical specification

Technical specifications

Working area

COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA 1725/ DIGI CORSA 1725 RC1700 x 2500 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA 2134/ DIGI CORSA 2134 RC2120 x 3400 mm
Maximum material height for cutting60 mm
Maximum material height for routing80 mm
Maximum speed1150 mm/s - 69 m/min
Maximum acceleration5000 mm/s2 (depends on used tool)
Resolution0.00075 mm
Spindle power3.6 kW
Maximum spindle speed50.000 RPM
ATC magazine8 tools, covered
ClampingHSK E25
ColletsUltra precise ER-16 (dimension 1-10 mm)
Space under gantry80 mm
Tool coolingIntegrated in dust collector
Vacuum power5.5 kW
Vacuum zones6, software-switched
Weight2400 kg (DIGI CORSA 2134 RC)

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