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COMAGRAV NOTUS Technical specifications

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Technical parameters

Working area

COMAGRAV NOTUS 1015 (model with high Z axis)
1000 x 1500 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 1515 1550 x 1500 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 1526 1550 x 2600 mm
COMAGRAV NOTUS 1530 1550 x 3150 mm
2040 x 3150 mm


Z axis shifting 175 mm
(450 mm NOTUS 1015)
Z axis clearance under gantry 140 mm
(300 mm NOTUS 1015)
maximum feedrate 500 mm/s (30 m/min)
resolution 0,00078 mm
spindle power up to 9 kW
spindle speed
up to 40.000 RPM
controller PILOT Advanced 3D controller via TCP/IP

Standard equipment

automatic Z axis sensor

emergency STOP buttons

double driven X axis

precise aluminium T-slot working table with clamps
routing software Vectric Cut2DPro


spindle with pneumatic tool clamping for automatic tool change

linear toolchanger

carousel toolchanger with tool presence sensor

spray cooling system (PROFI or standard)
working table for high pressure vacuum and high pressure oil-free vacuum pump
dust collector
MULTI head option
camera system for registration marks
dividing head for rotary modelling
vertical table to fix high objects
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