3D laser scanner



This optical measurement system can be installed with any new COMAGRAV machine. The only scanned size limit is the working area of the machine!

There comes outstanding precision with our scanning solution based on Optimet metrology system.

3D scanned coin COMAGRAV

Here you can see 3D scan of small coin using 25mm lens (range 1.8mm), the result is very good.

Data from the scanner can be imported directly to any CAD/CAM system (using DXF or ASCII), including bundled Delcam ArtCAM Express. In this software you can simply create toolpathes for milling of the model. If there are needed any changes or adjustments to the model, it can be done in Delcam ArtCAM PRO.

The scanner uses interchangeable lenses, so you can install lens for scanning of detailed medal as well as lens for scanning ie. surfboard. Scanning size is limited only by working area of your machine!

Speed: up to 800 points per second
Precision: up to 0.002 mm (depends on lens)
Lens: in standard 75mm, 150mm, 250mm
Scanning raster: freely selectable from resolution of the machine
Scanning method: Conoscopic holography
Required software: None - scanner works directly with PILOT controller! We export DXF and ASCII directly to your CAD/CAM system.
Data output: DXF, ASCII, G-code

3D laser scanner

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