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COMAGRAV flatbed cutters with ATC

COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA Product information

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COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA is an industrial flatbed digital cutter with large format working table, several cutting modules and spindles with automatic tool change.

Routing with automatic tool change, cutting with knives, creasing, material feed.

All tools immediately ready to process the job. Cutting system for signage, industrial cutting, packaging, exhibition, design and power milling.

As part of the 20-year anniversary, we introduce this new range of machines that capitalizes on our experience in cutting systems.

COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA handles the most extensive range of materials. Find out, how DIGI CORSA accelerattes your production.

DIGI CORSA flatbed cutter


The main cutting equipment is oscillating and fixed knives for plastic, foam and paper materials as well as COMAGRAV DIGI.

ATC spindle with 50.000 RPM

In addition, DIGI CORSA has a continously available milling spindle (router) with Automaic Tool Change! The tray is covered, so the transition from cutting to milling takes just a moment.
3,6kW spindle perfectly cuts acrylic, dibond, aluminium, PVC, ABS, etc. To reach the best cutting quality we install electrospindles with 40.000 or 50.000 RPM.

Conveyor belt

The plotter receives additional functions with the conveyor belt. To increase automotion, a loading table or automatic sheet feeder can be connected, as well as basket for cut parts.

Industrial design

Tough steel frame together with accurate vacuum table, insures your investment in this high quality cutting table where decades of services life counts.

Enhanced camera system

The camera is a standard plotter equipment. It recognizes the QR code on the printed media – thus reducing the quality of service. „Presets“ – parameters for knives and materials – are a great asset for simplifying operation.

Automatic mode

The camera locates QR or barcode with cut file, which DIGI CORSA automatically cuts and moves the material to the next printed file until the entire roll is processed.

Automatic is available with the table equipped with conveyor belt.


With replaceable modules, the possibilities of material processing are almost endless. You can add modules later – the plotter will grow with your business. With no worries you can process new materials and invent new applications.

Collecting by cyclone and invisible cooling

With cyclone dust collector almost no chips remains from the materials being machined on the table. The dust collector uses a new integrated cooling system for aluminium and dibond milling. Therefore the cut is perfect and tool life is significantly longer.


Of course, this new COMAGRAV is powered by high-speed AC servomotors and slanted toothing in high precision. Planetary gearboxes are used for drive again, which means high cutting accuracy and speed over 1m/s.

Even for fabrics

The motorized cutting discs effectively cuts sheets, textiles, banners and woven and nonwoven fibrous materials.


COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA is suitable for cutting in signmaking, in advertising, in interior designs, POP and POS, in packaging and many industrial applications.

DIGI CORSA modules

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