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Modules for MULTI head

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COMAGRAV flatbed cutters and CNC routers with MULTI option works with several modules for cutting and creasing operations.
These modules are interchangeable and allows user to upgrade COMAGRAV machine in future.

Pneumatic oscillting knife

Pneumatic oscillating knife module
POT is powerful tool suitable for cutting virtually any material. High stroke allows to cut up to 10mm PVC, reboards up to 40mm, heavy foams, hard gaskets and more. Its industrial design brings high efficiency and reliability in daily work.

  • corrugated cardboard
  • cardboard
  • foam
  • re-boards
  • leather
  • gaskets
  • hard materials
  • PVC
  • rubber
  • etc.

Electric oscillting knife

Electric oscillating knife module
EOT is suitable for cutting softer and medium density materials, as corrugated, thin cardboards, PVC, PE and similar. The oscillation of 18000 strokes per minute is excellent for high speed cutting.

  • corrugated cardboard
  • PE
  • PVC
  • soft and thin materials
  • leather
  • thin rubber
  • etc.

Motorised cutting disc

Motorised cutting disc module
MCD module is suitable for cutting all types of textiles and industrial fabrics. Decagonal knife rotates in high speed, which is adjustable depending on material. Rotation prevents of drag force to move material and cuts each fibre securely during cutting process.

  • fabrics and textiles
  • banners

Universal module U1

Universal module for U1 tools

In this module operator inserts several tools for cutting and creasing. Tools are compact and freely interchangeable just by hand.

  • Creasing wheels for corrugated (S, M, L sizes)
  • Creasing wheels for cardboards (2pt, 3pt, 4pt sizes)
  • Kiss-cut tool for self-adhesive vinyls, thin foils, ...
  • Direct-cut tool for cutting PVC, PE, self-adhesives, ...
  • V-cut tools

U1 tools


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