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COMAGRAV flatbed cutters

COMAGRAV cutting systems are available in many sizes up to 3400 x 5000 mm working size! We have solutions for oscilation cutting, knife cutting, creasing, V-cutting, Kiss-cutting, fabrics cutting and routing.

Conveyors are optional.


Modules for MULTI head

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COMAGRAV flatbed cutters and CNC routers with MULTI option works with several modules for cutting and creasing operations.
These modules are interchangeable and allows user to upgrade COMAGRAV machine in future.

Pneumatic oscillting knife

Pneumatic oscillating knife module
POT is powerful tool suitable for cutting virtually any material. High stroke allows to cut up to 10mm PVC, reboards up to 40mm, heavy foams, hard gaskets and more. Its industrial design brings high efficiency and reliability in daily work.

  • corrugated cardboard
  • cardboard
  • foam
  • re-boards
  • leather
  • gaskets
  • hard materials
  • PVC
  • rubber
  • etc.

Electric oscillting knife

Electric oscillating knife module
EOT is suitable for cutting softer and medium density materials, as corrugated, thin cardboards, PVC, PE and similar. The oscillation of 18000 strokes per minute is excellent for high speed cutting.

  • corrugated cardboard
  • PE
  • PVC
  • soft and thin materials
  • leather
  • thin rubber
  • etc.

Motorised cutting disc

Motorised cutting disc module
MCD module is suitable for cutting all types of textiles and industrial fabrics. Decagonal knife rotates in high speed, which is adjustable depending on material. Rotation prevents of drag force to move material and cuts each fibre securely during cutting process.

  • fabrics and textiles
  • banners

Universal module U1

Universal module for U1 tools

In this module operator inserts several tools for cutting and creasing. Tools are compact and freely interchangeable just by hand.

  • Creasing wheels for corrugated (S, M, L sizes)
  • Creasing wheels for cardboards (2pt, 3pt, 4pt sizes)
  • Kiss-cut tool for self-adhesive vinyls, thin foils, ...
  • Direct-cut tool for cutting PVC, PE, self-adhesives, ...
  • V-cut tools

U1 tools


Last Updated on Monday, 26 September 2016 21:44

Carbide V-cut holders available (U1 tool)

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Now we have available new U1 tool holder for V-cutting of Kapa, X-boards and similar materials.

It is designed for CARBIDE knives (instead of classic HSS knives) for better cutting quality and longer lifetime.

There are two holders for two types of knives.

Max. cutting depth:
Total length:
42.65 €
45.22 €



V-cut holder

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 December 2014 16:25

Camera recognition system

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Have you ever met problem, that your customer ask you to print his logo, but also asks you to cut it in certain shape? If you already have a CNC router, you know it is not so easy. The print does not match original size and placing on worktable cannot be done, as the shape has no defined edges.

For owners of digital printers and UV flatbeds, we supply highly developed equipment - Camera Recognition System. This equipment allows to route any toolpath directly on printed material or cut it with oscillating knife. Camera is situated close to the spindle or multifunctional cutting head, thus it can read printmarks and precisely cut the job in place where the print is located.

COMAGRAV Camera Recognition System finds 4 printmarks, recalculates job, so it corresponds to actual size and rotation, and proceeds corrected toolpath.

Camera system is very helpful also for jobs without printmarks, especially on large routing tables. It helps the operator to see paralellness of material on screen and allows to set starting point comfortably from his chair.

Cutting corrugated with COMAGRAV ZONDA PLUS

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 20:31

Pneumatic oscillating knife

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Pneumatic oscillating knife is powerful tool for cutting soft and harder materials in many industries. Its solid construction allows to cut hard cardboard, corrugated cardboard, gaskets, foams, rubber, leather, fabrics, etc. Usage of carbide knives ensures long lifetime of the tool.

Oscillation is generated by compressed air. Range of oscillation is 8 mm and frequency 9.000 strokes per minute. This unit works exclusively with carbide knives. Knives are available with cutting length from 6 mm up to 115 mm! With this tool you can cut foam up to 100 mm.

Pneumatic oscillating knife is available for COMAGRAV DIGI, NOTUS and NOTUS PLUS.

Pneumatic oscillating knife

Last Updated on Friday, 30 September 2016 11:01

COMAGRAV DIGI Product information

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COMAGRAV DIGI is an industrial flatbed digital cutter with large format, several cutting modules and spindles.

DIGI is powerful flatbed cutter from COMAGRAV. After several succesful years in CNC routing market we developed the machine, that reaches level of the bests.

DIGI is well equipped for cutting of corrugated cardboards, packages and samples, for cutting of modern sandwich materials like Falconboard, Kapa, etc. DIGI reaches extreme speeds, same for high dynamics of complete system. Thanks to low bridge profile and best servomotors available on the market, high dynamics is available to users of COMAGRAV DIGI.

COMAGRAV DIGI handles two modules. Modules are fully interchangeable, which makes this machine upgradeable. The most favourite module is oscillating knife, that cuts several materials. Second module is usually equipped with U1 tangential tool ready for many functions - from cutting of vinyl (Kiss-cut), over bend grooves (V-cut) to creasing wheel -this module does it all! DIGI works as router, too - with installation of routing spindle it cuts hard materials.

Camera system is standard equipment of COMAGRAV DIGI. This tool is so valuable in cutting of printed materials. The system search for printmarks and modifies cutting path to physical print. This brings relaxed times for the operator, as he does not have to place material exactly - the system has precise calculation of deformation.

COMAGRAV DIGI comes with solid steel baseframe precisely milled for linear guideways and rack&pinion positioning system. 3D control system PILOT Advanced enables high dynamics and excelent cutting quality.

COMAGRAV DIGI is suitable for cutting in signmaking, in advertising, in interior designs, POP and POS, in packaging, leather working, and many industrial applications.


COMAGRAV DIGI 3450 with conveyor cutting fabrics with motorised cutting disc

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 August 2019 10:06
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